Host yHosting with a purposeour site, Feed a Child- Simple and to the point!

Hosting is a necessity in your business but so is eating. My name is Chuck Caine and I am the founder of We feed children in Nicaragua and we thought you might like to help. The idea came out of a simple decision that I made when I found out that my hosting company was supporting interests and issues that I did not care to be aligned with (EG: Pornography and nudity). Since I operated a marketing firm, I had enough clients to bring some volume to a premium  hosting server that not only supported my values but had the fastest speed and best customer service that I had ever had. After a year I decided to partner with this company to offer great service and fast speeds to other clients as well. was born. Now we offer back-up services, and local marketing packages as well.

The firm that I own, has been supporting the feeding and education of Hosting with a purposethousands of children in Central America for years.  One day I realized that most companies have their sites hosted on servers that they know nothing about and send their monies to companies that could do so much more to help the issues of our world. I decided to dedicate a portion of our server to companies that would support our efforts in feeding children and building economies here and in third world countries.

We present to you a hosting service that is faster, more secure, comes with free email service, free back up and helps to feed poor children as well. We assure you that we will not support pornography or nudity on our server.

The current packages are premium services for small users but can be made into a package that handles the largest of companies as well.

You are spending money hosting and back-up anyway, why not spend it with a company that will feed and educate children as well as build industries within those countries? We just need your hosting information and we can transfer it without you even knowing what is going on. You will just suddenly start downloading and sending faster than before.

Sign up today and we will contact you soon.